This project is located at historic old Markham, a formidable project when Eastern Creative purchased it in 2011, its water and sewer services are fully encroached on neighboring properties, as well as hydro duct bank; two foundation walls are connected to neighbor’s property lines. On the whole, it needed permissions from six different neighbors, including three easements and five agreements. Any refusal could kill this project, it had gone through three times of life and death.

Lance GAO broke through obstacles, secured all easements, agreements, permissions, and finally obtained twice site plan approvals.

46 Main St. Condo is a 60-unit, 5-storey building with two floors of underground parking. This low-rise building was designed to strict guidelines imposed by Heritage Markham Committee to ensure it will complement the existing historical neighborhood.  Rarely does the City allow for new development to occur in such over 100 year’s historically sensitive area.  

After the all approvals and building permit, Eastern Creative sold the site in May 2016.

46 Main Street Condo Site Gallery